Our Education Mission

Triage First’s Triage Comprehensive Curricula serves a two-fold purpose: To promote clinical expertise, accompanied by an empathetic approach to patient care, through managing point-of-entry processes and department workflow.

There is a significant disparity between a triage acuity scale and a triage system, necessitating a comprehensive curriculum. A triage acuity scale is a sorting and prioritizing tool. A triage system should include a triage acuity scale, but triage is much more than using one tool to address systemic issues of the dynamic and fluid process that triage has become. As we have been saying since our company’s inception, “Triage is not a place, it is a process.”

While nurses and medics may receive education regarding a specific acuity scale tool, no scale is perfect. Studies have revealed that all currently existing triage acuity scales only hold “good” interrater validity and reliability. Our education regarding these scales holds the ability to improve outcomes because the tool is properly placed within the system into which triage has evolved. For example, clinical knowledge of criteria and discriminators for an acuity scale does not erase or diminish the factors that often bias the acuity assignment. In summary, a tool cannot drive a system and therefore it is necessary to fully examine all contributing factors involved.

Our Education Values

Triage education by Triage FirstWe fully understand not only the patient populations served, but also the skills and processes integrated into systems of delivery. We promote best clinical practice grounded in an evidence-based, holistic, and conceptual approach to triage as a process. We create and establish a pathway for your department’s triage competency. Skills-based improvements and sound organizational leadership, when combined effectively, eliminate disharmonious factors that disrupt a nurse’s ability to apply their skills and knowledge effectively, and directly impact department metrics and market share. Our Triage Comprehensive Curricula lay the foundation for systemic improvement and clinical expertise. Effective implementation of our course content allows nurses to be more effective individually and as a part of teams, and provides leadership with the tools to successfully achieve mission fulfillment.

Testimonial by Triage Field Expert

I first met the owner of Triage First in 1996, brought together by our common national nursing association, ENA, because both of us had a passion for emergency department triage.  Back then, triage wasn’t an area of much interest to most, but to the two of us, it was becoming “our everything”.

Rebecca McNair had a vision.  She was a veteran and found similarities between her work in the military and her work as an ED nurse.  Her energy and her progressive ideas lead her to start her educational company, Triage First, Inc.

Over the past 20+ years, she has developed her company to meet the changing needs of emergency departments, she has been able to keep the pace, stay ahead of the changes in our environment, and provide what nurses need most.

Triage First not only addresses what ED nurses need now, she has invested in the future of triage nurses everywhere.  She has mentored nurses, networked around the world, listened to the needs of the front-line staff, and continued to strengthen her service and provide what is needed most.

Whether an individual nurse takes a course with Triage First or an organization uses Triage First to consult on their own department, participants will never be disappointed in the service that Triage First is able to provide.  To say that Triage First is life changing for the participant, is certainly an understatement.

Valerie Aarne Grossman, MALS, BSN, NE-BC Author of Quick Reference to Triage and Emergency Nursing 5-Tier Triage Protocols


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