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When changing quantities, be sure to click the “Update cart” button.

When purchasing two or more course licenses (student seats)for any given product, an organizational group will be created automatically. The person and email of the person purchasing will automatically be assigned as the group administrator. This person will be able to manage and enroll students in their group course(s) and will receive an instructional email. This person will also be able to assign sub-admin(s) to their group to assist with managing their students.

Later, when purchasing additional licenses, the licenses are automatically added to their existing group upon purchase. But make sure that the licenses are purchased using the account of the Group Administrator of that group. Also, during the checkout, in the billing email field, you need to enter the email address of that Group Administrator (that matches his/her account email address). Only then, the purchased licenses will get added to that existing group.

Contact hours for Triage First will expire on Sept. 15. Existing customers are encouraged to complete the course(s) as soon as possible to be eligible to claim the contact hours. Access to the Triage First courses will fully expire on Dec. 31.

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