DEMO-EDTS2 – ED Triage Scenarios – Progressive Competency – Year 2

6.5 CNE CH

Ongoing development of triage clinical and process skills for continued competency education


How This Course Works

TFEDTS2 – ED Triage Scenarios – Progressive Competency – Year 1 – 6.5 CNE CH
Ongoing development of triage clinical and process skills for continued competency education.

Curriculum  Description & Purpose:

This course provides registered professional nurses with current information on a variety of clinical presentations and provides the opportunity to apply this information.

Each course consists of a set of 2 modules, with each module containing 10 patient scenarios adapted from actual patient charts (including one presentation of multiple cases simultaneously), answers and clues, teaching points, and a post-test.

Each scenario contains a patient presentation, critical look, status of the department, and a rapid triage assessment. The learner will then be asked to document the appropriate chief complaint and state the worst-case scenario (which drives the line of questioning), The learner will be given the choice to either stop and assign the triage level and make a disposition or continue to a comprehensive triage assessment. The comprehensive triage assessment is provided regardless of the decision, for learning purposes, and the learner will be asked to assign the triage level.

Course Learner Outcomes:

Successful completion of the course will allow the learner to:

1. Interpret the stated reason for the visit and translate into an appropriate triage chief complaint.
2. Recognize potential complications during triage (associated risk factors with the presented disease,                social, or the psychological process) and predict commonly seen sequalae.
3. Discuss the appropriate designation of acuity according to the chosen five-level acuity scale.
4. Utilize “Clues” and “Teaching Points” to gain information pertaining to the disease process or injury in            general.
5. Apply knowledge of specific case presentations to a wider patient population at triage by identifying both      common and covert presentations that are life-threatening or emergent.

To receive continuing nurse education contact hours certificate, the learner must complete all lessons and components of each course, complete the attestation and evaluation forms, and pass the exam with an 75% minimum pass rate.

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