TFEDX1-HIPAA and EMTALA for Triage Nurses

Understanding triage applications of federal mandates (USA)

Expiration date – 09/15/2022 (Seats purchased will remain open for access. Course updated every two years. )

0.7 CNE CH


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TFEDX1 – HIPPA and EMTALA for Triage Nurses – 0.7 CNE

Understanding triage applications of federal mandates (USA)

Curriculum  Description & Purpose:

Triage nurses have an opportunity to improve their practice by properly maintaining patient confidentiality (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996) and applying the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA) guidelines as they coordinate the medical screening exam, obtaining demographic information as necessary.

The purpose of this activity is to:

  1. Summarize federal mandates affecting emergency care point-of-entry processes;
  2. Define the application of HIPAA in the triage process;
  3. Review the evolution of EMTALA;
  4. Explain medical screening exam definitions and limitations to the triage process;
  5. Define EMTALA guidelines to rule out an emergency medical condition;
  6. Outline the causes of EMTALA violations.

Course Learner Outcomes

Successful completion of this activity will enable the learner to demonstrate the process by which a triage nurse can ensure and maintain confidentiality. The learner will also be able to explain the EMTALA guidelines, as well as their application to the patients and nurses in triage. 

To receive continuing nurse education contact hours certificate, the learner must complete all lessons and components of each course, complete the attestation and evaluation forms, and pass the exam with an 75% minimum pass rate.

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