ED Triage Comprehensive Curriculum™

A systematic learning strategy for emergency department triage nurses

Triage is one of the most dangerous and vulnerable areas of the emergency department (ED) yet is often the most overlooked. Quickly and strategically identifying and acting on conditions requiring life-saving intervention is a must. This demanding role necessitates specific triage training and annual refresher courses that focus on a systematic approach to efficiently prioritize the high volumes of incoming patients.

Note: If you enrolled in an emergency, urgent care or obstetrical triage course before February 1, 2020, click here to continue your course. OR, If you enrolled before February 1, 2020 and have not started the course yet, or would like to transition to our new updated course, email us, or call us at 1-828-628-8029 and we will set it up for you.

Because we teach a systematic approach to triage, The Emergency Department Triage Comprehensive Curriculum is organized systematically as well. This arrangement allows to learner to proceed through the courses, beginning with conceptual material and then incorporating our proprietary Systematic Triage Assessment Process gaining a knowledge base appropriate for each step, culminating with clinical and practical applications.

We fully understand not only the emergency patient population, but also the skills and processes integrated into systems of delivery. We promote best clinical practice grounded in an evidence-based, holistic, and conceptual approach to triage as a process. We create and establish a pathway for your department’s triage competency. Skills-based improvements and sound organizational leadership, when combined effectively, eliminate disharmonious factors that disrupt a nurse’s ability to apply their skills and knowledge effectively, and directly impact department metrics and market share. The ED Triage Comprehensive Curriculum™ lays the foundation for systemic changes and clinical expertise. Effective implementation of our course content allows nurses to be more effective individually and as a part of teams and provides leadership with the tools to successfully achieve mission fulfillment. 

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Hospital Administrators supported the evidenced-based emergency triage training through Triage First, and the results now speak for themselves. Because of the hard work and willingness to improve the ED process at Ojai Hospital, patient satisfaction scores increased from 43% to 95% (over 2 years time). Triage wait times have also been reduced by more than 50%.

ED Pulido, RN, BSN, PHN, VA-BC

I have been an ED nurse 13 years. It made me take a good look at my professional practice and the things I can do to give quality triage, all nurses need to take this course!

Dana Weber, RN, BSN

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Note: While you can purchase the lessons out of order, you must take them in order (sequentially), as each course series is a prerequisite to the next series.

ED Triage Comprehensive Curriculum – List of Individual Courses