It might help to review these FAQs to get a good sense of any issues or questions you might have

Certificates of completion

Where can I find my certificates?

In your dashboard click on the Achievements tab.

How are Certificates of Completion awarded?


Certificates are awarded for the successful completion of every course or course series in the curriculum, with a Certificate of Completion for the appropriate number of Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) contact hours obtained according to the methods of participation.

          A Certificate of Curriculum Completion will be awarded for the successful completion of all courses in a                                      comprehensive curriculum. No additional contact hours are awarded.

          Professions other than nurses

I am not a nurse. Can I still take the course?

Yes, you can take the course. A Comprehensive Curriculum Certificate will be awarded for the successful completion of all courses in a comprehensive curriculum, even if you are not a nurse. However, the CNE contact hours on the course completion certificates are only valid for nursing.

Course expiration/duration

How long do I have to complete the courses?

For online curriculum users, a 60-day timeline is suggested, but this can be negotiated as needed by client organizations.

How long does it take to complete the entire curriculum?

The courses in the curriculum take various amounts of time to complete. If the student is a novice in their profession it will take longer, and an expert or advanced nurse might proceed through the materials more quickly. The contact hours are based on the Mergener formula, with confirmation through pilot testing. Generally, the contact hours awarded represent the amount of time, on average, it will take a learner to complete the course.

Course failure remediation

What if I fail a course?

If you fail a post-test, you will have one chance to retake the test. After that, you must contact Triage First, Inc. at and have us reset the course for you.

I am a group administrator and I would like a student or students to be remediated. How can I do that?

Contact Triage First at, and we can identify the areas where the student was weak or did not complete the course according to the methods of participation. We can provide you with feedback so the student knows where to concentrate their efforts when retaking the course. We can then reset the course for your student(s).

Course progress

Can I log out from a course and return later to continue?

Yes, you can log out anytime and either return to the place where you left off or start over. However, you must be prepared to take any quiz or post-test in one sitting.


Where do I track my progress and my grades?

In your dashboard, under the tab ‘My Courses’, click on Gradebook.

Help needed

I am having a problem. Where do I get help?

If you are logged in, go to your dashboard and click on the ‘Messages’ tab. We will receive an alert email and will respond asap. Otherwise, send an email to

We receive emails even after business hours, unless we are asleep, and can help you this way.

During business hours (0830-1600 EST(US)), you can call Triage First at 828-628-8029. If we don’t answer immediately during our normal business hours, please leave a message and we will return your call quickly. During evenings and weekends, we frequently check messages and will return your call as soon as possible, usually within a few hours or the next morning.

Method of Participation

What requirements (and in what order) are there to complete the courses in the curriculum?

This can be found in the methods of participation, listed below.

To complete this activity as designed, the participant should:

  1. Review the course introduction and course navigation instructions;
  2. Review the course description, purpose, and learner objectives;
  3. Complete all the lessons, including the interactive, ungraded quizzes;
  4. Answer the curriculum pre-test questions if present;
  5. Complete the post-course evaluation form;
  6. Answer the curriculum posttest questions;
  7. Complete the course attestation;
  8. Save or print the successful course completion certificate.

Do all the courses in the curriculum have a lot of narration?

No. The beginning courses have more narration than the others. TFED4 – Safety and TFED6 – TIGER have a good amount of narration and videos.


I am an administrator of an organizational group (hospital, healthcare organization, etc.) Where can I see progress reports?

In your Dashboard, click on the Groups tab. Then click on Manage Group. This is where you will be able to drill down and see each student’s progress.


Starting a course

How do I start taking the courses?

In your dashboard, under the tab ‘My Courses’, click on Launch Course.

System Requirements

What computer system requirements are needed to take the curriculum?

Minimal. All courses use an HTML5 platform and are compatible with any browser that “reads” HTML5.

Tracking Course Progress Status

How do I track my progress through the courses?

In your dashboard, under the tab ‘My Courses’, click on Activity.