Logistical Requirements

Online Training and Testing

Instruction for Users

Participants may register for free by clicking on the Login button, submitting a work email address (or user ID), and submitting a password. (Course purchases require a registered account.)

The courses in the curriculum take various amounts of time to complete, and the user does not have to go through it all in one sitting. If the user logs out at any time, they can log back in later and return to the same place in the course.

After completing an online course series, the user will be able to complete a post-test. Each post-test consists of multiple-choice and true/false questions pertaining to the materials covered in the course. Once the user starts the test, they have a time limit to finish it, so they should be prepared to take the test in one sitting. At the end of the test, the user will be given their score (percentage correct). A score of 75% or more is a passing grade. If they pass the test, attest to the method of participation, and complete the evaluation form, they will be able to download and print out a certificate from Triage First, Inc., an ANCC approved provider for continuing education, for the allotted course contact hours. If the user fails the post-test the first time, they will be given one opportunity to retake the test.

Remediation Services

If the user fails a post-test after two attempts, Triage First can identify the participant’s weak areas and collaborate with the healthcare organization or learner to create a plan for study and retesting.

Course Duration

For online curriculum users, a 60-day timeline is suggested, but this can be negotiated as needed by client organizations. Because this curriculum is comprehensive and not just a down and dirty triage acuity review, we encourage learners to give themselves time to take the courses over a period of time, and not just in one long sitting. 

Reporting Features

Online completion status reports are automatically available to organizations. Administrative access will be given to view their employee’s progress with respect to completion status. We are able to integrate with learning management system (LMS) reporting if needed.