I feel the course is worthwhile and helps set the foundation for the transition to a formal OB triage process.

N. Savino, DNO, RNC

Nurse Manager, Baptist Hospital of Miami

A lot of the concepts are clinical gems in triage.

T. Buctheit, MD

Obstetrician, L&D

The class provided many ways to better triage patients and be a better nurse!

J. Marin, BSN, RNC-OB

L&D Nurse

It is worth it! All nurses could learn from it as long as they were open to learning new ideas.

M. Brown, RN

L&D Nurse

Great info. No matter how long you’ve been in nursing, you’ll learn something.

B. Cooke, RN

L&D Nurse

Be open-minded about this course. There is a lot of good information as long as you are not resistant to change. Be flexible and learn improved processes which this course can teach you.

L. Ross, RNC-OB

L&D Nurse

This course can give you a guide or path to reaffirm a focus on the best patient outcome.

A. Huish, LPN

Assistant nurse manager (NCOIC) - L&D unit