This course has greatly enhanced my nursing practice. I have a “better” appreciation for urgent care [nursing.]

R. Lovett, RN

Urgent Care Nurse

Please take this course to heart! It can improve both your nursing practice and your personal growth. It asks you to acknowledge challenges to our nursing practice (and within ourselves) and have the courage to be the change in both.

J.L. Ritschl, RN, BSN

Acute Care Nurse

Please take this course! It has made me re-evaluate my triaging skills and reassess my strengths and weaknesses to change for improvement. It has reignited my passion for nursing.

L. Little, RN

Acute Care Nurse

Definitely worth your time. This course has made me self-reflect and ultimately make some changes in the effort and mercy that I put into my work and home environment.

D. Clenvenger, RN, BSN, SANE


Whether you’re a 20+ year experienced nurse or a brand new graduate from a nursing program, you WILL learn something in this class! It will help your prioritization and triage immensely. Thanks Rebecca for helping us all become better.

T. Maddox, FNP-C

Acute Care Practitioner

It was very thorough and gave me a practical approach to triage.

R.Collins, RN

Acute Care Nurse