Online vs. Live

Substantial savings from regular live course fees

Your facility may pay nearly 50% less than the standard fee that people pay to attend the live workshops that we conduct in-house. Scheduling staff and arranging for classroom space are eliminated. Everything is included in the fees quoted – there are no hidden fees or add-ons.

Substantial savings on travel costs

National workshops are held in major cities throughout the country; however, there will be additional travel and lodging costs incurred if your staff must travel out of town to attend. By participating in online education, you can realize additional savings for your staff by cutting out travel and lodging costs and incidental out-of-pocket expenses. In addition, since time is money, time saved on travel equals money saved as well.

High value in return for investment (CNE)

The ability of the nurse who participates in the online course to immediately have the tools to implement the knowledge base they have received provides the opportunity to hardwire the education into their practice. Each nurse can proceed through the online course at their own pace, allowing them to solidify their own understanding of the content. Furthermore, the ability to apply that knowledge to practice scenarios, with specific clinical teaching, gives the nurse the necessary clinical expertise to think critically and truly act as a patient advocate.

Competency maintenance

By purchasing the entire portfolio of the Triage Comprehensive Curriculum™ , progressive competency program, federal mandates course, and acuity scale-specific course, mission fulfillment, business performance, and risk reduction mandates are met, which can be tracked and documented.