Why Triage Education?

A triage nurse must have exceptional critical thinking skills, clinical expertise, and communication skills, as well as compassion and a comprehensive understanding of triage as a point-of-entry process. Not all triage education is equal.

Triage First’s Comprehensive Triage Curricula give every participant the tools to develop strong attributes to meet the growing demand for services. Here are a few things you can expect from our courses:

  • Confidence in the triage role
  • Sustained improvement to documentation
  • Excellent management of the lobby, waiting areas and reassessments
  • Development of accurate acuity assignments
  • Critical thinking skills objectified
  • Improved patient disposition by decreased (or often) eliminated wait times
  • Elevated patient satisfaction metrics
  • A healthier work environment
  • Confidence with psychiatric presentations
  • Developed skills in mitigating hostility
  • Real competency in managing triage
  • Lasting culture change – patient focused
  • True and lasting teamwork for nurses and physicians.